Root Cause Solutions

Is this for you?

You are part of an international organization with operations in Asia and/or Europe. You are doing well but are not getting the results out of the organization that you expected (see further below for some examples). The issues have your attention and that of other top managers. You need to decide what measures to take and for that you need to be able to tackle the root cause of the situation.

Time is of the essence and your time is limited. You could use some help now.


What is it?

We perform together with your staff a root cause analysis and present and discuss our findings with management and participants.

The outcome is a set of recommended actions to address the identified root causes.

We can assist in or take full responsibility for the implementation of the acknowledged actions.


How to start?

Contact us via the contact form of this website or get in direct contact with Hans van Beek via LinkedIn. After contact is established, the next step is to define quickly if there is a good match between the solution you need and what we can offer.

Examples of issues for which you may want Root Cause Solutions

  • Customer satisfaction is not improving despite several improvement plans.
  • Sales growth is not realized despite clear targets.
  • Subscriber numbers are not the expected levels.
  • New products are not released in time to the market.
  • Products are not delivered on time to the customers.
  • Retention of qualified staff is a struggle.



We prefer to work with clients who have an organization with mainly high qualified and educated people who work with each other in an open and straightforward manner. We like to work with organizations where technology is an essential part of their success and that have a clear vision on how the organization contributes positively to the world in general. Your and our time is too valuable to do something that we do not really like. Let's see if we can work together.